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If you are interested in our concept, please contact us to book your non-binding counselling session. In your 45 minute counselling session we will provide you with detailed information on our methods and explain to you how you can train your body by following our programme.

My name is Marco Hill and I’m the owner of the Lean4Health fitness centre. I opened my first fitness centre in Germany in the year 2000 and my team and I have been active in Kirchberg, Luxembourg, since 2007.
I believe that 100% of my co-workers, my friends and the majority of my clients can confirm that I am an extreme idealist when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

We draw up exercise programmes for our clients that mean the client exercises for an hour two times each week with an elevated level of quality that gradually leads to results that can not only be measured but also seen.
We assign each of our clients a dedicated personal trainer who draws up regular exercise programmes and gives tips on nutrition. Furthermore, our trainers provide our clients with motivation and support when exercising.
Marco Hill

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Weight- & Measurement

By assessing your weight and body measurements we are setting the initial starting point; we will then document your progress every 4 to 6 weeks. This allows us to observe your physical development at any time and if necessary intervene and make adjustments.


Through the personal consultation, we want to get your current lifestyle, in terms of your diet and sports activities. This is the only way we can take your objectives in attack.


With the competence and experience of Lean4Health and with your determination and trust in us, we will attain your goals together.